Angelic Cupcakes


If you’re planning an Easter tea or visiting friends and family, a box of Easter themed Angelic Cupcakes would go down a treat.  Or perhaps ‘Egg’ Cake Pops as a fun alternative, or even a Giant Cupcake decorated with lots of Easter treats….

All available in our light vanilla, chocolate  or lemon sponge and also, especially for Easter, our Surprise Creme Egg cupcakes!  We’ve got eggs, chicks and primroses everywhere!

Box of 6: £15.00
Box of 12: £30.00
Box of 18: £45.00
Box of 24: £60.00 

For enquiries and orders contact,
Susie Wallis on 01494 432908 or 07973 523505
or….email Susie

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